Corporate Training

The Management and Supervisory Training Programs focus on increasing leaders’ competencies to engage and inspire those who work for them. Organizational success hinges on managers’ and supervisors’ effectiveness to rally the workforce to achieve daunting results. To mobilize a workforce to continually innovate and produce is an acquired talent. Developing leadership potential is a journey with no end destination as truly great leaders know. In our training programs participants discuss and practice the skills of leadership, communication, conflict resolution and team building to understand the importance of creating an environment where employees want to contribute.



There may be times when you get stuck in your career or feel very dissatisfied with your work. You could unexpectedly lose your job and your resume is so old you have to blow the dust away to read it. Today’s job market is highly competitive and employers expect you know the rules of the job search game. Investing in a coach could mean you beat out the competition to get the job you really want.

In our deadline driven workplaces, little time is given to reflect about the level of communication, conflict resolution or team building skills we have to meet the challenges that are presented to us. The time with a coach gives you the opportunity to stop doing and start focusing on specific ways to enhance the skills that will increase your effectiveness.

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